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June 11, 2007
Mulit-Instrumentalist Tim Carter Debuts First Solo Release BANG BANG!

"Tim Carter sings, picks and composes soulfully wonderfully and surrounds himself with the creme de la creme of musical cohorts. His playing is alternately sweet and driving, as the setting requires. His compositions add valuable new repertoire to the bluegrass and progressive canon. His banjoic ideas are sublimely crafted and, by the way, this music will stand the test of time. These tunes should immediately find their way onto your turntable, CD player, ipod, hard drive, telephone, or other future media vehicle of the 22nd century." — Banjo Master Tony Trischka

NASHVILLE, TN MAY 3, 2007 - On June 26, talented multi-instrumentalist, Tim Carter, debuts his first solo release with BANG BANG! Tim has been playing music for as long as he can remember. As a highly respected instrumentalist as well as accomplished engineer, he has seen both sides of the board and is a better musician for it. With one listen of his playing, there is never any doubt of his exceptional ability to convey a song to the listener both lyrically and musically.

On BANG BANG!, he pours his musical influences and his North Carolina heritage into each track and masterfully melds them together with some of the most celebrated names in bluegrass and acoustic music including Tim O’Brien, Alison Brown, Casey Driessen, Matt Flinner, Tim Stafford (Blue Highway), Jim Hurst, Rob Ickes (Blue Highway) and Ross Sermons. Brother and partner in The Carter Brothers Band, Danny Carter, also joins him for this rousing collection.

Grammy winning banjo player Alison Brown says, “Tim Carter’s music reminds me of the things I love most about playing bluegrass. There’s a real joy in his playing and singing and a great love for the music, both its tradition and the fellowship that playing with others creates. I always enjoy the chance to be a part of Tim’s recording projects and “Bang, Bang” is no exception. It’s a great album, filled with tasty playing and heart felt singing.”

The 10 songs Tim put together stand out by virtue of their unique blend of simplicity and depth of feeling, capturing time, place and hearts with mastery. As syndicated radio host, Dave Higgs of Bluegrass Breakdown puts it, “Tim deftly traverses the wide gulf between such disparate subjects as snake handling, wanderlust and a son's love for his father. With "Bang, Bang," he further entrenches himself as one of the genre's premier singer/songwriters and multi-instrumentalists."

The instrumentation and musical arrangements perfectly complement Tim’s earthy vocals. From the song titled “Where I Belong,” about his first time in Ireland to the sweet simplicity of “Second Son,” about a son’s remembrances of a father since passed, to the gentle tribute to Carter’s old friend and musical mentor, Vassar Clements titled “Vassillie’s Lullaby,” a name that was written on the fingerboard of Vassar’s fiddle and represented his name and his wife Millie’s name together, Tim hits each piece with an emotional punch that the listener won’t soon forget.

Tim continues to tour full-time with his brother Danny in the Carter Brothers Band, mixing his love of bluegrass with Danny’s penchant for rock and blues. Their musical journey together and with their band, showcasing electric/acoustic, folk, rock, bluegrass and blues, continues filling venues across the country. But, it’s Tim’s venture into the solo spotlight that brings his musical versatility to the forefront. Playing numerous instruments on the album, including guitar, mandolin and his beloved banjo, writing or co-writing all 10 tracks and sitting behind the board, Tim’s talents are ready to shine.

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