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October 27, 2009

Franklin, TN's popular Hot Spot Coffee, located on Hwy 96W near the corner of Downs Blvd is getting prepared for a few big changes.

* Hot Spot Coffee is adding a breakfast menu * Expanding the lunch menu which includes Sandwiches, Soups, Salads and Panini’s * Costco Wholesale is promoting the local brand and selling Hot Spot Coffee gift cards through the holidays * Hot Spot will be adding new drip coffees with featured origins and flavors, fresh from a new local supplier.

Starting Nov. 1st Hot Spot Coffee will be offering a breakfast selection. One of the biggest problems with far west side of Franklin is that there is nowhere to get any breakfast food. The nearest places are located in down town. It has been something that Hot Spot has avoided for years because they wanted to focus on being a coffee shop. “It’s the biggest thing our customers have wanted since day one” says John Kromm co-owner of the coffee shop, “people love our pastries, but have been really wanting something more substantial and less sweet, proteins really”.

The shop is branching out to offer a high-end breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, parfaits, and homemade quiche.

Hot Spot is also expanding on the success of their lunch menu. “I always thought lunch would be successful but all we really did was put a small decal on our front window, our lunch crowd has just grown from our coffee crowd, and not even all of them know we have lunch.”

Currently, there is only a small paper menu at the front counter for people who are looking for lunch time food. The popularity of the Chicken Salad sandwich has seemingly spread all across Franklin. People come in now and say ‘I’ve never been here before but I hear I have to have your Chicken Salad sandwich’. Now Hot Spot has expanded the menu and has plans to hang a full scale lunch menu above the counter. “We started this as a coffee shop, but people are demanding a café complete with lunch and breakfast. Who are we to disagree?”

Costco Wholesale one of the biggest retailers in Williamson County has teamed up with Franklin’s favorite coffee shop to sell gift cards now through the holiday season. “This is huge for us” says Shannon Kromm co-owner of Hot Spot Coffee, “It’s like a great big seal of approval that they think we are worthy, many of Costco’s employees are regulars of ours and they recognize how great our local shop is”.

Costco recently started teaming up with locally owned stores to offer gift card options to their members. It a win-win for everyone, the stores have the benefit of getting huge exposure through Costco’s members and Costco gets a chance to show that they are supporting local business.

Hot Spot Coffee has plans to add more selection to their drip coffee line. For the past three years the coffee shop has been serving only a single type of drip coffee. “Our emphasis is on espresso, and we have the best espresso anywhere but drip coffee is something we are ready to focus on as well, we have been getting demands for flavored coffee and so were going to open that door.”

The timing has been perfect with a new local coffee roaster, located just around the corner who is the first and only air roaster in the area. All of Hot Spot Coffee's beans are air roasted which means they are never burnt or bitter in taste. Nearly all of the roasters in the entire southeast part of the country are barrel roasters, something that Hot Spot had never been willing to compromise. Air roasting is a relatively new way of roasting beans and it hasn’t caught on everywhere yet, but being from the northwest, owners Shannon and John have only ever served air roasted coffee.

These new drip coffees will be locally roasted fresh, and feature some of the more well known origins such as Sumatra, Kenyan, & Costa Rican. Flavored coffees will vary from day to day as well but will be seasonally selected.

For more information contact:

Hot Spot CoffeeJohn & Shannon Kromm 599-1102 office 482-5523 cell 1441 New Hwy 96W Suite #1 Franklin TN, 37064


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