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June 22, 2006
Opry Goes to the Dogs This Friday With Bluegrass Legend Jesse McReynolds and His Canine Companion Yeller!

NASHVILLE, TN  In observance of the 8th Annual Petsitters International TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY®, Bluegrass legend and Grand Ole Opry member Jesse McReynolds will perform with his beloved canine companion, Yeller, this Friday, June 23rd at 8:30 p.m. on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. The performance can be seen live by attending the show, tuning in live to WSM 650 AM Radio or by visiting

Take Your Dog To Work Day was created to encourage people to go the extra mile and adopt a homeless pet. Yeller, once a homeless and abused pet herself, was lovingly adopted by Jesse and his wife Joy McReynolds and she too is now a proud proponent of adoption.

This is Yellers second appearance on the Opry. She was also a featured guest in 2005, leaving the Opry crowd with smiles on their faces and Opry Manager Pete Fisher with nothing but praise when he said, Yeller did the Opry proud!

Pet Sitters International, the creator of the day, is asking businesses around the world to allow employees to bring their well-mannered dogs to the office on Take Your Dog To Work Day. The celebratory event is intended to promote the human-animal bond by facilitating positive interactions between dogless co-workers and their colleagues canine companions. However, there is much more to this annual festival of dog than simply celebrating man and womans best friend.

Take Your Dog To Work Day is about confronting the realities of pet overpopulation in a positive and proactive way, states PSI President Patti Moran. People bringing their dogs to work in celebration of Take Your Dog To Work Day can make a huge difference in pet adoptions around the world.

Yeller was abandoned as a six month old puppy and appeared on the McReynolds back porch six years ago. Joy McReynolds says, She is the best present we could have ever hoped for and we believe it was more than fate that brought her to us. We had just watched the Disney movie Old Yeller the day before so our hearts were receptive to taking this shy, half-starved yellow lab puppy into our home. As for Yellers musical ambitions? Jesse says "She came in one day while I was practicing my mandolin and threw her paw up on the fretboard, so I thought I'd see if she had any musical talents! So Jesse taught her to sing. While it's not the close harmony he and brother Jim made famous for 55 years as Jim & Jesse, it's still pretty unique. "Yeller has her own style" laughs McReynolds with a smile. "She doesn't copy anyone.

Pets have a way of making life more enjoyable and there are numerous animals in shelters without loving homes. Anyone desiring to learn more about TYDTWDay or how to participate this year or in the future, can visit PSIs Web site and download one of three free information packs. Each information pack comes with support materials as well as helpful tips and articles designed to help businesses, animal shelters and professional pet sitters work together in supporting the adoption effort. For more information on Jesse and Yellers upcoming appearance on the Opry, Jesses music or tour dates, please visit and click on Yellers Web Page.

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