Thursday, October 01, 2009

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The Arts: Lisa Winters: We 'Double Dog' Dare You to Resist Her 'Chi-Chi' Designs
Story by Shari Lacy

There is something about jewelry artist Lisa Winter’s demeanor that immediately makes you comfortable. She’s at once down to earth, approachable and friendly. When saying hello for the first time, it feels like you’ve met her before.

Our first meeting falls on a particularly hot, sunny and breezy Tuesday morning in mid-June. We’re in downtown Franklin, where the small, café tables outside the Franklin Mercantile are peopled with hungry customers.

Prior to our meeting, Winter and I had only chatted on the phone and exchanged emails. So when I walked into the restaurant a few moments behind schedule, I was relieved to notice another soul with a similar expression to mine – that “I’m searching for someone but I don’t know who it is” face. You know the one.

“Hi!,” she said as we both recognize that we’ve found the right person. We grab a beverage before sitting at one of the remaining tables outside to talk and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

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